Our Ancestors

Banker, William S - private

  • Ancestor of Compatriot Gary M Clark
  • Born: 20, Nov 1814 Mecklenburg County N.C
  • Died: 26 Jan 1900 Honey Grove Fannin County Texas
  • Buried: Honey Grove Texas
  • Units: 38th North Carolina
  • Major Battles: Seven Days, Antietam, Chancellorsivlle, Gettysburg, The Wilderness, Petersburg, Hatchers Run
  • Service: 1862-1865
  • Post-War: Moved to East Texas. Farmer

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Cobb, James J. - 2nd Sergeant

  • Ancestor of Compatriots Norm, Erik, and Karl Ernst
  • Units: Co. F, 20th Arkansas Infantry
  • Major Battles: Corinth, Hatchie Bridge, Vicksburg
  • Service: 20th Infantry Regiment, formerly G. W. King's 22nd Regiment, was organized during the spring of 1862. During the end of 1864 it disbanded.

Matthews, John Raven - Captain

  •  Ancestor of Compatriot Brian Eagleheart
  • Units: Matthew's Co. S.C. Heavy Artillery
  • Service: Brigade was formed during the winter of 1862-1863. The company was attached to the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, and served in the Charleston area. From July 10 to September 6, 1863, it reported 8 casualties on Morris Island and had 46 men fit for duty. In January, 1865, the unit was assigned to J.B. Robertson's Brigade and in May included in the surrender. 

Pitts, James H. - Private

  • Ancestor of Compatriots Norm, Erik, and Karl Ernst
  • Units: Co. K, 19th Georgia Infantry
  • Major Battles: Seven Pines, Chancellorsville, Cold Harbor, Petersburg
  • Service: 19th Infantry Regiment was assembled during the summer of 1861. In April, 1862, it totaled 395 effectives and during the war served under the command of Generals W. Hampton, Archer, and Colquitt. In 1865 the unit participated in the North Carolina Campaign and surrendered with the Army of Tennessee. 

Edens, William M - Private

  •  Ancestor of Compatriot Glen Edens and Wyatt Morgan Edens
  • Born: 1841 in Tennessee
  • Died: May 4, 1862
  • Buried: Cincinatti, Ohio
  • Units: Captain Orme's Company, Company B, 7th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry
  • Major Battles: Shiloh
  • Service: William enlisted as a Private early 1861, Captain Orme's Company, Company B, 7th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry. Wounded at Battle of Shiloh April 6th 1861, taken prisoner and transported to Union Hospital ship, the USA Hospital Steamer, DA January and shipped to hospital in Cincinnati. He had a limb amputated and died May 4, 1862.

Jackson, George B. - Private

  • Ancestor of Compatriots Norm, Erik, and Karl Ernst
  • Units: 7th Mississippi Cavalry
  • Major Battles: Collierville, Oxford
  • Service: 7th Mississippi Cavalry Regiment [also called 1st Partisan Rangers] was organized during the early summer of 1862 and in July had 35 officers and 817 men present for duty. It served in the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana and later was assigned to Chalmer's, R. McCulloc's, and Starke's Brigade. The unit took an active part in the operations in North Mississippi, Kentucky, and West Tennessee. 

Nunnally, John A. - Private

  • Ancestor of Compatriot Jerry Nunnally
  • Units: Co. A, 25th Battalion Virginia Infantry 

Browder, Edward Cabell - Captain

  •  Ancestor of Compatriot John Moore
  • Units: Co. C, 18th Texas Cavalry

Thompson, George Franklin - Private

  • Grandfather of Compatriot Thom Faller
  • Born: 20 June 1848, Bryant Station, Fayette Co., Kentucky
  • Died: 1908
  • Buried: Frankfort, Kentucky
  • Units: Co. A, 5th Kentucky Cavalry
  • Major Battles: Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, and Morgan's Kentucky, Indiana & Ohio Raid
  • Service: The Kentucky 5th Cavalry Regiment was organized during the summer of 1862 with men recruited in the central section of Kentucky. It was attached to Buford's Brigade and skirmished in Tennessee and Kentucky. Later it fought with Gen. John Hunt Morgan, and many of its members were captured at Buffington Island on July 19 and the remaining part at New Lisbon on July 26, 1863. Pvt. Thompson enlisted in 1862 at the age of 14 and served until May 1865. He was known to have been wounded at least twice (once in the hip and another time in the left breast), and during the war he is documented as having escaped three times from Federal custody after being captured.
  • Post-War: Became a medical doctor, practicing in Frankfort for more than 20 years. He was a member of the United Confederate Veterans.